Villa Shirama is a resort-style hotel just minutes from Shirahama Beach in Shimoda, Japan.

All rooms come with a kitchen and cooking equipment so you can bring food and cook it right here. There is also a large BBQ area atop a hill on the property that supports groups of up to 20, so you can enjoy a great outdoor dining experience in a beautiful setting.

We have also a sauna, climbing wall, yoga space, ping pong table, skateboard area, library, and more! There are so many ways to enjoy a fun and relaxing time in nature with your family or friends.

Nearby Shirahama Beach has fine white sand and medium-sized waves just right for surfing, boogie boarding, bodysurfing or just swimming. Shimoda is a short 2-5 hours by train from Tokyo, and is a great place to spend a weekend out of the city.

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